greenville fairThe GREATEST County Fair on Earth… at least we think so! Kids of all ages will enjoy nine fun-filled days of activities at the Darke County Fairgrounds in Greenville. Events such as harness racing, music concerts, cheerleading contests, high school band concerts, tractor/truck pulls, draft horse pulls, demolition derby, livestock shows/sales, junior fair activities, flower show, domestic & fine arts shows, farm garden displays, show horse & pony shows, mule & donkey shows, free midway shows, carnival games, arcade games and food vendors. Gates open from 7:00 am until midnight, every day. Each year we’re surprised with the talent that comes into Greenville to entertain fairgoers with a Sunday evening concert.  Past concerts have featured Lady Antebellum, REO, and Styx.


where to order Pregabalin darke county fairWhat makes this fair special is what really puts the “Great’’ in Great Darke County Fair…the people. This means from the ticket taker to the board president and from the ride operator to the person who sells balls at the games.  From the people who nightly spruce up the grounds to the harness racing drivers and trainers.  From the snow cone lady to the French fry guy – they all help put the “Great” in our fair.  But the Greatest part of all is when the gates are at long last thrown open to one and all – to children of all ages.

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