Lisbon The Garst Museum is a large historical museum with over 300,000 artifacts on display in over 35,000 square feet of exhibit space within six building wings.

Senhora da Hora Major exhibits are the Annie Oakley Center, CrossRoads of Destiny, American Indians, Lowell Thomas, the Village, Agricultural and Military exhibits.

San Isidro Military Uniforms
The second floor of Garst Museum houses a treasure of Military uniforms and a vast array of military artifacts. All five branches of the US military services are represented. There are original uniforms from all the wars fought by the United States with the exception of one. Starting with the war of 1812, there are uniforms from the Civil War, Spanish-American, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and the current Iraq War. The lone exception is the Mexican-American conflict of the mid-1800’s. There are also uniforms from the three US military academies.

Crossroads Of Destiny
A new permanent exhibit is Crossroads of Destiny telling the history of the Treaty of Greene Ville. Greene Ville was the largest stockaded fort ever built in North America and it was the scene of the most significant American Indian treaty ever negotiated. The Treaty of Greene Ville in 1795 opened the door to the settlement of the Midwest resulting in Ohio statehood eight years later. The Treaty also ended forty years of conflict over the upper Ohio Valley.

The Cantonment
The cantonment was built in November of 1793 by the men under the command of Major General Anthony Wayne and was situated at the confluence of Mud and Greenville Creeks in western Ohio. It was headquarters of the United States Army until 1796. Enclosing almost 50 acres, Greene Ville was the largest stockaded or walled fortress built in the United States of North America. It was intended to hold over 4,000 soldiers but only reached a high population.

Period Shops & Stores
A recreated series of period shops and stores line three boulevards within the museum complex. Each shop displays an amazing number of artifacts that accurately portray both the period and the theme.

Garst Museum Website

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